Bioavailability Clinical Trials

Essential studies to determine product's absorption over time

Biofortis conducts multiple bioavailability studies to help our customers gain insight of their products absorption rate over time. The success of your study is determined by effective recruitment of the subject population, the accuracy of the collection time points and the quality control checks throughout the testing. Biofortis can guide our customers through the entire research process with confidence from our years of experience.

Experience With:

Standardized protocols for acute and chronic testing conditions

Preparation of controlled meals in our metabolic kitchen

Registered Dietitian oversight of menu planning, if needed


Precise methods of collecting timed blood and urine sample collections

Monitoring techniques to ensure high compliance rates

Pharmacokinetic and statistical analysis can be performed by SAS and/or Phoenix WinNonlin

Since 2006, Biofortis has completed 35+ clinical trials with bioavailability outcomes.

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