Cognitive Function Studies

Evaluating food and dietary supplements effect on neurocognitive health measures.

Solutions: Study designs and test selection for cognitive needs 

  • Targeted recruitment of study participants including the elderly, healthy subjects and pediatric populations with or without cognitive impairment  
  • Rapid and reliable cognition assessment of various cognition domains using computerized test batteries 
  •  Study designs to obtain accurate, quantified, and scientifically-validated measures of cognition.
  • Neuroscientist consultants for expert actionable insights
  • Experience with testing domains pre- and post dose product consumption such as: 
    • Short-term recognition memory, 
    • Attention
    • Speed of thinking
    • Mood
    • Reasoning 
    • Reaction time
    • Concentration
    • Planning

Since 2006, Biofortis has completed many clinical trials concerning cognitive function.

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