Gastrointestinal Clinical Trials

Extensive experience in specific gastrointestinal study designs and data collection methods.

  • Targeted Participant Recruitment
  • We strive to ensure targeted recruitment of appropriate participant populations suitable for your product’s unique properties. These may be healthy individuals or those with mild gastrointestinal issues including frequent gastrointestinal symptoms or inconsistent bowel movement.
  •  Standardized Outcome Assessments
  • We employ frequently used questionnaires to collect information on gastrointestinal symptoms (flatulence, nausea, bloating, boborygmus, burping etc.) as well as bowel movement characteristics (e.g., stool frequency and consistency, ease of passage, straining, discomfort, and incomplete evacuation).
  • With our expert partners, we are well positioned to perform fecal microbiome analysis (16s RNA, shotgun sequencing, metabolomics, etc.) as well as bioinformatics.
  • Comprehensive Intervention Approaches
  • Depending on your needs, we have the experience and expertise in various intervention approaches including:
    • Free- and controlled-feeding
    • Single, multiple, and escalating doses
    • Chronic and acute interventions
  • Product delivery system development and production
  • Leave it to us to incorporate your unique products into various food delivery systems (e.g., baked goods, condiments, or beverages) as well as perform a full nutrient analysis and shelf-life assessment with our Merieux Food Safety and Quality Division.


Since 2006, Biofortis has conducted 20+ gastrointestinal function and microbiota human trials. 

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