Glucose Response Studies

Studies which investigate the relationship between foods and the reaction of blood glucose levels.

Studies have shown that postprandial blood glucose levels to be a better predictor of long-term health consequences.

Customized research solutions to fit your needs:

    • Designing and executing studies based on guidelines for glycemic index (i.e., ISO 26642:2010; where applicable)
    • Recruitment of healthy participants and those with specific levels of glucose impairment (e.g., impaired glucose tolerance, diabetes)
    • Development of controlled meals by in-house Registered Dietitians and preparation of meals in on-site metabolic kitchen On-site assessment of capillary glucose (fasting, postprandial) using FDA-approved device with real-time monitoring
    • Biofortis has conducted and managed 15 Glycemic Response and Diabetes Studies Glycemic response studies are typical for "pre-diabetic" subject populations BMI ranges usually in the overweight or obese range (Class I and some Class II) CRO services were provided on all studies Glycemic studies in the past three years


Since 2006, Biofortis has completed 35+ clinical trials with glucose response/glycemic index outcomes.

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