Scientific Consulting and Literature Assessment Services

Science-driven, transparent and reproducible.

Scientific literature assessments can take a wide range of forms

  • Single article commentaries
  • Systematic reviews
  • Meta-analyses of a body of literature


Biofortis offers a variety of literature assessment consulting services, all led by experienced PhD scientists with expertise in nutrition science, including:

RESEARCH Commentary

Provides a review of a single article or a predefined set of articles and/or summarizes a current scientific position (e.g., regulatory report).

Evidence Mapping

Uses a systematic process for literature searching with a priori inclusion/exclusion criteria to map the current evidence on a topic. This can serve as the first step in a systematic review or meta-analysis.

Review of Reviews

Summarizes the "state of the science" from the current review literature (excluding primary published scientific literature).

Systematic Review/Meta-Analysis

Integrates the science on a topic from a qualitative or quantitative perspective. Literature is characterized using a dual systematic process per quality standards, and an expanded PICO chart is developed with inclusion of individual outcome data per study.

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