This study is assessing amino acids found in a plant-based collagen supplement during an 9-hour test visit. The first visit is for screening and if qualified, you will return 1 week later for the 9-hour test visit with 9 blood draws. You will then return the following day for a 24 hour follow up blood draw. Total study participation for this study will be approximately 1 week.

If qualified, you may be compensated up to $500 for time and travel.  Meals will be provided throughout the 9-hour test visit and you may receive study related care at no cost.

Qualified Participants Must:

  • Be willing to attend one 9-hour test visit and return the next day for a 24-hour blood draw
  • Be willing to have 9 blood draws during the test visit
  • Be generally healthy and between the ages of 21 and 70

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