Posted on: January 11th, 2022

Scientists have been looking for more efficient ways to get energy from just about everything. Biorefining of foods has become a popular area of research, as food production is a massive industry. The thought behind biorefining is building many different products from the same raw materials. 

The annual biomass weight from agro-industrial activity is estimated to be around 50 billion tons. This is a lot of waste–and current research is looking at how we can use this waste instead of disposing of it. 

Specific plans and foods/nutrients derived from biorefining are being actively researched with some promising results. 

Biorefining: Raw Materials from Foods like Avocados

Applications of avocado biorefining are an area of active investigation.  The research being conducted with avocados has shown promising results early on. Some studies have even used the clean waste byproducts of avocado biorefining for other areas of research.

Avocado research has shown that waste from avocados can be successfully bio refined for oil extraction and bioactive compound recovery. These studies have recovered oil and bioactive compounds using only the peels and seeds from avocados. Researchers have used safe cold-pressing for avocado oil biorefining; the wastewater was later used as a natural food preservative for cooked pork sausages.

Biorefining, Drugs, & Bioactive Compounds

Avocados have been called a superfood due to the many bioactive compounds contained within. Avocados have been noted to have remarkable antioxidant activity, including antioxidants in the peels.

Current research on avocados and biorefining drugs & compounds is focused on the anti-inflammatory, antibacterial/microbial, and gastric uses found in avocado peels and seeds (avocado pulp is being studied on a smaller scale).

The antibacterial properties of avocado biorefining are currently the most researched. The potential to derive other health products, supplements, and nutraceuticals from agro-industrial waste products, however, requires more research before definitive potential products can be speculated upon.

The possibilities of using biorefining to break down waste products from food production are almost endless. Biorefining is an exciting area of research that is only starting to realize it’s potential.

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