Posted on: December 28th, 2021

Researchers have started to take another look at the overall health benefits of lupin-derived peptides (LDPs). Recent studies have specifically looked at the overall health benefits including contributing to basic nutrition by providing important macronutrients.

What are Lupin-Derived Peptides?

Lupin-derived peptides are obtained from plants of the Lupinus species. Commonly found in North & South America, as well as the Mediterranean area, the most well-known members of the Lupinus species are legumes. Both the beans and seeds are used for culinary purposes.

Lupin seeds are especially noteworthy for their exceptional protein content (~30-50%). The biological activity in LDPs are gaining a lot of attention in nutrition & dietary circles recently as they include some fascinating effects:

  • Hypocholesterolemic
  • Hypoglycemic
  • Antimicrobial
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Immunomodulatory effects

Recent Lupin-Derived Peptide Research

The recent surge of interest in LDPs has promoted research into the transport and bioavailability of LDPs through the digestive system. Research started with cell cultures and in-vitro

studies, and have only recently focused on animal studies and human clinical trials. More studies with human participants are needed, but emerging science is promising for LDPs to contribute to many areas of health.

A recent study funded by the University of Milan noted “Considering that majority of the bioactivities reported of LDPs are based on in vitro and cell culture studies, more efforts need to confirm these biological activities in animal models and human clinical studies for the development of functional foods or dietary supplements.”

The potential of the antioxidant properties in LDPS makes them a good candidate for future use as a dietary supplement. The bioavailability of LDPs in the human digestive system has had positive initial results. How LDPs contribute to the management or decreased risk of specific diseases and conditions in humans is still being studied.

The future of lupin-derived peptides as a potential superfood, nutraceutical, or supplement will largely depend on the results from current human studies.

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