Posted on: February 28th, 2023

Recent developments in ketone supplements can help acutely elevate blood beta-hydroxybutyrate without prolonged periods of fasting or carbohydrate restriction. Older studies have shown a blood glucose-lowering effect from the presence of exogenous ketones. 

A recent study aimed to systematically review the available evidence and conduct a meta-analysis of studies reporting on exogenous ketones and blood glucose. Randomized and nonrandomized trials of any length that reported on the use of exogenous ketones were used for the meta-analysis. 

Effects of Exogenous Ketones

The study calculated raw mean differences in blood beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB) and glucose in two different ways:

  • Before acute ingestion of exogenous ketones
  • After acute ingestion of exogenous ketones

Participants who ingested exogenous ketones showed increased blood BHB and decreased mean blood glucose. Compared to placebo groups, blood BHB increased and blood glucose decreased. Across both analyses, significantly greater effects were seen in groups with ketone monoesters.

Why are Exogenous Ketones Important?

Exogenous ketones are important because they may be able to help the body achieve natural ketosis without difficult dietary changes. Natural ketosis is being studied for potentially life-changing effects on conditions including epilepsy and gastrointestinal disorders.

Administration of exogenous ketones may also have a positive effect on performance, both athletically and academically. Current research suggests ketosis may help produce more Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) molecules from oxygen. ATP molecules provide energy that drives processes in living cells, like muscle contraction and nerve impulse propagation.

Increased Blood BHB & Ketone Supplementation

Evidence from the meta-analysis study suggests that acute ingestion of exogenous ketones leads to increased blood BHB and decreased blood glucose. Limited evidence on prolonged ketone supplementation was found.

The results of this recent study and other similar meta-analyses suggest that ketone supplementation is worthy of further consideration.

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