Posted on: September 20th, 2022

Eating a healthy breakfast has long been associated with positive overall health and resistance to chronic diseases. Recent studies have narrowed the scope of the effects of a healthy breakfast down to how the energy and nutrients from a good breakfast are used over the course of a day. Specifically, how the energy kids (up to age 18) get from breakfast is used and how daily performance is affected.

In a recent Systematic Review, breakfast consumers had higher energy intake, fiber intake, and higher consumption of fruits and vegetables than non-breakfast eaters. People who ate regular healthy breakfasts also has lower consumption of soft drinks than those who skipped breakfast.

The most important meal of the day? When it comes to energy, breakfast just might be.

The Importance of Breakfast

The nutrients and energy kids derive from breakfast don’t just enhance their daily performance. Regular breakfast has been associated with overall health and keeping dangerous health conditions at bay, including:

  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Diabetes
  • Obesity

While the optimal caloric/energy intake kids should have with breakfast is still in debate, the issue of eating breakfast or not is non-existent. Children who eat breakfast have better macronutrient distribution, leading to healthy lives and overall performance.

Breakfast is also important by being the first meal after the longest fast of a typical day. Sleeping 8+ hours means no food for 8+ hours. Making sure to have a healthy breakfast after a long period of no eating can get kids refueled and ready for the day.

Eating a Healthy Breakfast & Energy

Kids who ate breakfast regularly showed higher levels of carbohydrate, fiber, and protein intake when compared to breakfast-skippers. Fruit, vegetable, and dairy consumption levels were all found to be higher in the groups of kids who ate regular breakfasts.

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