Posted on: August 23rd, 2022

Many studies have been conducted on both probiotics and inflammatory biomarkers. A recent study, however, decided to determine the correlation between probiotics supplementation and inflammatory biomarkers.

What is a Biomarker?

A biomarker (shorthand for biological marker) is a measurement of something happening in a person’s system. Biomarkers are important as they provide information, benchmarks, and standards, especially when it comes to general health.

Biomarkers can be used to determine if there are unsafe levels of a given substance in a person’s blood, urine, saliva, stool, or other fluid. These samples are analyzed, compared to benchmark biomarker levels, then used to determine whether any medical action is necessary.

What are Inflammatory Biomarkers?

Inflammatory biomarkers are derived from the levels of substances around an inflamed area in the body, or systemic (circulating in the blood) in response to an injury or infection. Inflammation in general is how the body responds to perceived injuries, infections, or invasive substances.

Among the biomarkers laboratories measure, cytokines are primarily used as inflammatory biomarkers. Cytokines are released by cells to signal other cells to help fight a perceived invasive body or heal an area of injury.

Autoimmune conditions can lead to difficulties with inflammatory biomarkers, as cells may perceive something that is not a threat as dangerous. Biomarkers can help doctors discover or diagnose autoimmune conditions if abnormal inflammation is occurring.

Probiotic Effects on Inflammatory Biomarkers

Results of the study noted that probiotic supplementation significantly reduced some major pro-inflammatory cytokines while having no notable influence on others. This data is relevant as it will allow future research to focus on why and how probiotics affect certain inflammatory biomarkers.

The potential effects of identifying and refining the probiotics that affect inflammatory biomarkers could help in finding ways to reduce inflammation damage related to many conditions. Many people with auto-immune conditions, for example, have trouble with constant inflammation. Determining which biomarkers are present during a flare-up and which are mitigated by probiotics may lead to some groundbreaking discoveries.

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