Posted on: December 27th, 2022

COVID-19 changed the world in many ways. One of the most concerning changes was the effect of COVID-19 severity on chronic illnesses.

As doctors and researchers have continued to learn more about COVID-19, they have also been learning about the effect of preexisting conditions and the risk for serious COVID. This data may be able to help determine who is most at risk for serious COVID-related complications.

Some researchers, however, have noted that much of the available information is anecdotal and COVID-19 severity is related to more than just preexisting conditions. A recent study conducted by researchers at Purdue University and the UAE College of Information Technology analyzed data from 54 published studies on COVID-19 and its effects on other conditions.

Preexisting Conditions & COVID-19

Among the 54 articles evaluated by researchers, cancer, kidney disease, and stroke were the most common complications listed as caused by COVID-19. Diabetes, hypertension, and cholesterol levels were commonly listed as being associated with more severe COVID-19 cases.

As with most illnesses, however, those with preexisting conditions are more likely to have complications than those without. Preexisting conditions can change how a person’s body works, making it harder to discover the impact of a virus like COVID-19.

Further, preexisting conditions may be caused by unhealthy environmental factors or lifestyle choices. These factors may still be present in patients who have had COVID-related complications and may be related to the severity of COVID as well.

Does General Health Correlate with COVID-19 Severity?

Researchers note that associating cancer, kidney disease, and stroke with COVID-19 should be carefully interpreted. This is not only due to the sample size in the studies, but also because patients could have other risk factors that affect illness in general.

Age, a history of smoking, or other clinical conditions suggests that other factors might be associated with poor COVID-19 outcomes rather than apparent comorbid conditions. Further research regarding this relationship and its clinical management is needed for a definitive conclusion.

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